Table 1

 Evidence from primary studies of community interventions for preventing smoking in young people

Study reference number (see list at end of article)
121314151617, 1819202122232425
*Apart from age.
Study aims included assessing the social distribution of intervention effects
Design or setting of study involved explicit consideration of social inequalities in smoking
Social composition of the target or study population was described:
    Race or ethnicity
    Income or wealth
    Educational status or attainment
Baseline sociodemographic data were collected on participants:
    Age or school grade
    Race or ethnicity
    Preferred first language
    Parental socioeconomic status
    Young person’s income
    Urbanicity or place of residence
    Family or household composition
    Parental educational attainment
    Own educational attainment
Analysis of intervention effects was stratified by sociodemographic group*: