Table 6

 Total net foreign direct investment (FDI) and tobacco investments as a proportion of total FDI. All FDI figures in US$ millions

RussiaUkraineKazahkstanKyrgyzstanUzbekistanArmeniaAzerbaijanEstoniaLatviaLithuaniaTotal all 10 countries*
BAT, British American Tobacco; PM, Philip Morris; Rma, Reemtsma
Data sources: WHO Health for All database (population data, GNP), European Bank of Reconstruction and Development Investment Profile reports, 2001 (FDI data) and other data as given in tables above.
*If Kyrgyzstan and Armenia, for which tobacco FDI data are unavailable, are excluded, the results are almost identical—tobacco investments still contribute >6% of total FDI and tobacco FDI per capita is >10.72.
NA, not available.
GNP per capita (US$)1690.006901260.002806205206003580.002920.002930.00
Population size (1995)147773664512765601653960044816112291210037599507444318148394225156023714795261902142
Total FDI 19927002001004028227101161
Total FDI 19931211200127110451016245302976
Total FDI 19946401596603850822215214312036
Total FDI 199520162679649612025282202180734224
Total FDI 1996247952111374755186611513821525602
Total FDI 1997663862413218328552109326752135511238
Total FDI 19982761743115210914023210245813579268024
Total FDI 199933094961587351211305103053484867328
Total FDI 200027045951249191001335003984073796484
Total FDI 1992–2000 22458 3804 9441 438 956 601 4092 2361 2480 2442 49073
Country making greatest contribution to total FDI (% of total) over the period 1993–2000 (unless otherwise stated)USA (34.0%)USA (16.45%)USA (28.4%) (1993–1999)USA (18.6%) (1997–1999)NANANASweden (39.2%)USA (11.8%)Denmark (16.1%)
Tobacco recognised by EBRD report as a major sector for investment?NoYes: Rma, Philip Morris, BATNoYes: RmaYes: BATYes: Grand Tobacco & Masis-TabakNoNoNoYes: PM listed as 3rd largest investor
Total reported FDI in tobacco sector to end 2000>1719>152.9>440NA>300>850NA12.562>2744.4
Tobacco investments as a % of total FDI>8%>4%>5%NA>31%>1%1%NA1%3%>6%
Tobacco FDI per capita>11.63>2.98>26.60NA>13.09>2.136.72NA4.9716.69>10.48