Table 1

 Summary statistics (CPS-TUS, 1992–1999)

AllNever smokerCurrent smokerFormer smoker
Data are from the US Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, National Cancer Institute Sponsored Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey, 1992–1999.
The matched health sample refers to a roughly 1 of 6 random sub-sample for whom extended survey data on health status were available.
HS, high school; sp, spouse.
TUS sample
n (%)383778 (100)207924 (54)96266 (25)79588 (21)
Absent in past week (%)
Female (%)43474036
Married–sp present (%)63635573
With child under 6 (%)20221917
Mean age (years)39383944
Age distribution (%)
    Under 30 years22262310
    30–50 years58576057
    50 or more years20171733
Education (%)
    Less than HS108158
    HS diploma34304433
    Less than college28272829
    College degree29351430
Race/ethnicity (%)
    Other race4543
Occupation type (%)
    White collar60654863
    Service occupation1010138
    Blue collar27223727
    Armed forces3333
Matched health sample
n (%)71824 (100)40055 (56)17122 (24)14647 (20)
Health status (%)
    Good/very good59566660