Table 2

 Logistic regression of absence in last week on smoking status (current, former, never)

TUS sample (n = 383778)Matched health sample (n = 71824)
Data are from the US Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, National Cancer Institute Sponsored Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey, 1992–1999.
The matched health sample refers to a roughly 1 of 6 random sub-sample for whom extended survey data on health status were available.
Health status controls are a set of five dummy variables for self reported health status (fair, poor, good, very good, excellent) and a dummy for disability status.
All models also control for age, education, race, ethnicity, marital status, number of children, occupation, industry, metropolitan statistical area, state, and month/year.
Column (a) displays the p value for the test of significance of the odds ratio (OR) relative to the referent “never smoker”.
Column (b) displays the p value for the test of equality between the indicated OR and “current smoker”.
NA, not applicable.
Never smoker1.0001.0001.000
Current smoker1.3680.000NA1.4300.000NA1.3520.000NA
Former smoker1.3300.0000.3221.3600.0000.0421.3210.0000.710
Includes health controls?NoNoYes