Table 3

 Steps taken in calculating the smoking attributable gap, an illustrative example between Taipei City and Tai-tung County (total health disparity gap 9.46 years)

Smoking related disease category (ICD-9 codes)Decomposed life years*Proportion of smoking attributable HDG out of total HDGSAF from smoking in Taipei City (%)SAF from smoking in Taitung County (%)Differences in SAF (%)SAG (years)
*Decomposed life years from diseases significantly related to smoking in Taiwan within health disparity gap.
†Calculated with the RR of all causes; the value is shown in table 1.
HDG, health disparity gap; ICD, International classification of diseases; MVA, motor vehicle accidents; SAF, smoking attributable fraction; SAG, smoking attributable gap.
Malignant neoplasm (140–208)0.640.0714.0141.6427.630.18
Diabetes mellitus (250)0.220.0215.6226.3010.670.07
Stroke (401–405, 430–438)0.790.0814.0145.3331.320.25
Ischaemic heart disease (410–414)0.280.0325.6149.9224.310.07
Respiratory system (460–519)0.740.0816.6628.2411.580.09
Digestive system (520–579)1.730.1819.6436.1716.530.29
Genitourinary system (580–629)0.070.0122.8548.2925.440.02
Ill defined conditions (780–799)0.090.0115.8942.0026.110.02
MVA (810–829)1.570.1719.1637.6318.470.29
Non-MVA (800–809, 830–999)1.580.175.5933.9628.370.44