Table 3

 Logistic regression of absence in last week on smoking status (extended time since quit)

TUS sample (n = 383778)Matched health sample (n = 71824)
Data are from the US Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, National Cancer Institute Sponsored Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey, 1992–1999.
The matched health sample refers to a roughly 1 of 6 random sub-sample for whom extended survey data on health status were available.
Health status controls are a set of five dummy variables for self reported health status (fair, poor, good, very good, excellent) and a dummy for disability status.
All models also control for age, education, race, ethnicity, marital status, number of children, occupation, industry, metropolitan statistical area, state, and month/year.
Column (a) displays the p value for the test of significance of the odds ratio (OR) relative to the referent “never smoker”.
Column (b) displays the p value for the test of equality between the indicated OR and “current smoker”.
“Former smoker unspecified” refers to former smokers for whom length of time since quit was indeterminable.
Never smoker2079241.000400551.000
Current smoker962661.3710.000NA171221.3530.000NA
Quit 0–3 months ago24943.260.0000.0005012.6340.0000.000
Quit 3–6 months ago14681.4990.0050.5352981.1780.6160.673
Quit 6–9 months ago15311.9060.0000.0102791.8740.0250.247
Quit 9–12 months ago6351.5840.0350.509842.9870.0110.066
Quit 1–4 years ago123951.3380.0000.66621821.1680.2190.253
Quit 5–9 years ago117551.2160.0010.04819731.2330.1060.481
Quit 10–14 years ago108601.2050.0030.04420131.4920.0010.425
Quit 15+ years ago216781.2370.0000.03342861.2930.0070.643
Former smoker unsp167721.1730.0030.00530311.0630.6140.051
Includes health controls?NoYes