Table 6

Cabin volumes, percentage air recirculation, and air exchange rates1,3,11

Body type (W, wide; N, narrow)Cabin volume (m3)% Air recirculationAir exchange rate (/h)Estimated average seating*Volume per person (m3)Ventilation rate per person (litre/s)
The B-747 has a passenger capacity of 331–550 persons, and the DC-10 from 250–380 persons.1
*At 100% load factor.3
Boeing 727-200N165026.41201.46–8
Boeing 747W7902614.74521.77–10
Boeing 767-200W3195210.42501.34
MD DC10-10W419022.82801.57–9
MD DC10-40W4193514.93101.45
Airbus A-310W3349.72501.34