Table 2

 Age and alcohol use adjusted relative risks (RR) of injury for male current smokers and ex-smokers

Cause of deaths (ICD 9 codes)Non-smokersCurrent smokersEx-smokers
nRRnRR95% CInRR95% CI
RR not shown for causes of death <2.
CI, confidence interval
All non-intentional injuries (E800-E949)1661.003331.691.39 to 2.05240.640.41 to 0.995
    MVA (E810-E829)851.001971.881.44 to 2.45100.480.24 to 0.93
    NMVA (E850-E929)781.001291.481.11 to 1.99130.800.44 to 1.47
        Fall (E880-E888)181.00381.951.09 to 3.4841.240.40 to 3.82
        Fire (E890-E899)21.0051.780.32 to 9.771
        Drowning (E910-E915)161.00191.000.50 to 2.0151.540.53 to 4.50
        Job related accidents (E916-E925)51.00132.911.004 to 8.420
Suicide (E950-E959)151.00261.370.70 to 2.6852.120.72 to 6.20