Table 1

 Estimated days of absence for smokers and non-smokers

*5610000×3.9 days/(3091110×1.322+2518890) = 3.30 days.
†Source: Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.8
‡3.30 days×1.322 = 4.36 days
§Source: Bertera.12
Average days of absence per year†3.93.8
Estimated % excess absence (smokers)§32.2%32.2%
Total employment56100003679000
Smoking prevalence55.1%3.3%
Estimated number of smokers3091110121407
Estimated number of non-smokers25188903557593
Estimated days of absence: smokers4.36‡4.96
Estimated days of absence: non-smokers3.30*3.75
Excess days of absence: smokers1.061.21