Table 1

 Industry prepared or commissioned briefing papers/speeches

APACT, Asia Pacific Association for Control of Tobacco; HK, Hong Kong, WHO, World Health Organization
1981NotesGlobalOverview of anti-smoking groups activities and the tobacco industry’s response19
1982PaperGlobalReport on the strategy of activists and how to respond to that strategy4
1983PaperHKUpdate on anti-smoking campaign and Consumer Council—programmes and personalities20
1983PaperAsiaSmoking control in south-east Asia21
1983PaperHKKey government personalities in tobacco13
1989PaperAsiaPhilip Morris Asia: corporate affairs plan, 1990–929
1992PaperGlobalThe activist movement22
1992SpeechGlobalOur opponents1
1992PaperTaiwanStrategy of the antis for Taiwan23
1992PaperGlobalChanges in the activist movement24
1993PaperGlobalGlobal regulatory network: “we will be legal everywhere we do business”5
1993PaperAsiaNotes on WHO anti-tobacco programme26
1993SpeechGlobalAnti-tobacco strategies2
1993PaperGlobalKey area paper: corporate affairs18
1994PaperGlobalBackground to the structure and operations of the activist movement3
1995PaperAsiaCorporate affairs—regional overview: Asia17