Table 4

 Estimated cost of occupationally related absence caused by smoking (males only)

*0.139 days×2.456 = 0.341 days.
†Source: Tsai et al.25
§1402080 days/(3091110×2.456+2518890) = 0.139 days.
1402080  =  Total absence days due to occupational injuries among male workers in 1999.26
Relative risk of occupational injuries†2.456
Total employment5610000
Estimated number of smokers3091110
Estimated number of non-smokers2518890
Occupational injuries absence per year: smokers0.341 days* (2.72 hours)
Occupational injuries absence per year: non-smokers0.139 days§ (1.11 hours)
Excess absence hours per year due to smoking1.61 hours
Wage per hourUS$6.73
Cost of occupational injuriesUS$33602712