Table 5

 Industry documents containing statements on marketing tobacco products to youth

CategoryRef number – document titleStatement/commentCompany involved
Product 28 – A Qualitative Study on Switching/Low Tar“Identified the appeal to young smokers is more product related than image related”Presented to Philip Morris by Survey Research Taiwan, September 1993
31 – Parliament Performance Analysis Taiwan“Our Ad Objective: To project a mild and relaxing image”; Mild Seven found appealing to students and 20–30 year oldsSurvey results for Philip Morris Asia, January 1994
32 – Special Analysis–A New Virginia Brand for Taiwan“Long Life Mild has replaced Long Life Regular as the most popular brand among starters”Survey results for Philip Morris, August 1991
33 – Marlboro New Concept Test – Taipei“Packing 14’s (instead of 20’s) has the potential to attract young smokers”Survey results on male aged 18–29 presented to Philip Morris, June 1993
Price 36 – Taipei Cigarette BPTO (Brand Price Trade Off) StudyHow a price increase will affect smokers’ brand switching behavior, particularly among the youngReport by Research Intl Asia to Philip Morris Taiwan December 1993
Promotion 27 – Philip Morris Asia Region Overview – Taiwan“Starters (in Taiwan) are a very important source of our import development”Corporate plan for Philip Morris Taiwan
29 – Marlboro Focus Group“A light cigarette is perceived to be young and elegant”Survey results to Philip Morris by Survey Research Taiwan, March 1993
30 – Marketing Research Report (… Main Findings from Focus Group on Marlboro Ad Test)“The main reason for smoking imported brands (by young smokers) is because its taste is generally lighter than local cigarettes”Survey results presented to Philip Morris, August 1993
34 – Parliament Ad Test (FDG)“To young smokers, we should convey both light/mild, and a relaxing feeling (in our ads)”Focus group results presented to Philip Morris Asia by Survey Research Taiwan, February 1993
35 – Taiwan Cigarette Market Opportunity Study“The young segment (students under 25)…is the most important segment to pursue”In home interviews in Taiwan for Philip Morris Asia by Michael Normile Marketing, Inc May 1989
39 – Virginia Slims Below-the-Line ProgramsOffering cigarettes for sampling in beauty salons and top discos and Swatch watch promotions in convenience storesPhilip Morris Asia program update, August 1990
38 – Camel Smooth Character Campaign/Taiwan to promote the fun of Camel Mild cigarettes“I suggest strengthening the answer to reflect first and foremost that we are not giving t-shirts away to minors” in the “Camel Smooth Character” CampaignRJ Reynolds 1993
Placement 25 – Key Account Program for convenience Stores“We have a contract to display our product in front of/next to the cashier machine in all 7-Eleven stores”Philip Morris 1989
26 – Telephone survey on media effectiveness“POS advertising made a greater impact than magazines in terms of advertising awareness and brand registration (among young smokers)”Report presented to RJ Reynolds by Marketing Research 1988