Table 3

‚ÄÉRespiratory symptoms, findings, and diagnosis in the study groups

Coffeehouse workers (%)Other occupations (%)p ValueOR% 95 CI
*Adjusted for age, smoking, BMI, and years at work
CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ration.
Coughing26.309.700.0023.411.48 to 7.86
Phlegm36.8017.200.0022.671.34 to 5.31
Dyspnoea43.0012.900.0005.942.76 to 12.75
Wheeze27.2010.800.0033.231.41 to 7.36
Pathological auscultation39.5010.80.0006.022.70 to 13.42
Diminished breath sounds28.904.300.0009.413.02 to 26.30
Lengthened expirium17.501.100.00025.603.19 to 205.43
Crackles3.501.100.2572.290.21 to 24.70
Ronchi14.905.400.0273.351.11 to 10.09
Chronic bronchitis16.704.300.0054.321.34 to 5.31
Airway disease38.6011.800.0005.032.36 to 10.72