Table 1

 Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) related tobacco control activities

CountryYearSmoke-free action
China1983Domestic flights smoke-free
1986Trains smoke-free
1992Public traffic vehicles and public places smoke-free (or restricted)
1994Legislation required all indoor public places in Shanghai to be smoke-free
1995Smoke-free international flights
Hong Kong1980Smoke-free mass transit railway
1982Smoke-free public hospitals, schools, food premises, waiting areas in government premises
1996Smoke-free government premises
1998All indoor areas open to public (e.g. shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, banks) smoke-free. Mandatory no smoking areas in one third of seats in restaurants over 200 seats
Malaysia1982Government staff prohibited to smoke at work
1993Government offices, amusement centres, theatres, hospitals and clinics, public lifts, public transport and additional buildings specified by the health minister smoke-free
1997Banks and financial institutions, sport complexes, shopping complexes, air conditioned shops (including restaurants or any eating place), government offices, transport terminals (bus, taxi, ferry, train), airports, schools, institutions of higher learning, service counters of Telekoms and Pos Malaysia, public halls smoke-free. Smoking banned in petrol stations