Table 3

 Why “socially acceptable” cigarettes failed

ReasonSource studiesCompanyDate
BAT, British American Tobacco; PM; Philip Morris; RJR, RJ Reynolds.
It is impossible to make smoking truly socially acceptableProduct Tests “Project CC”216RJR1981
Report on Smoking Issues 67RJR1985
Research on Vantage Excel124RJR1991
“Project XA” prototype tests121RJR1991
Focus Groups on Smoking and Social Acceptability49PM1990
A 100% reduction in smoke is necessary to gain a social benefit“Project CC” product tests122RJR1981
Focus Groups Project CC126RJR1985
Reports summarising learning on low sidestream products100,123RJR1986
Report on market share potential for low sidestream products124RJR1991
Advertising Tests for Merit LS127PM1986
Research on B&H Select Thins125PM1987
“Project VISA” focus groups on low sidestream products54Imperial1989
The products taste badMemo about Premier135PM1987
“Project CC” product tests128RJR1981
Vantage Excel product tests124RJR1991
Premier Research Summary89RJR1989
Research on Project XA131RJR1993
Research on PRISM134RJR1993
B&H Select Thins consumer tests107PM1988
Virginia Slims Superslims tests132PM1990
Tests on Advance Tobacco Product’s Favor212RJR1986
Research on Passport133BAT1984
Smokers are unwilling to sacrifice their own smoking pleasure to benefit others“Project CC” focus groups100,136,137RJR1983–87
Vantage Excel research92,124RJR1989
Research on Passport133BAT1984
Research on low sidestream products94BAT1990
Research on Premier and Favor104PM1988
Low smoke alone is not a compelling reason to buy the productTotal Proposition Tests on Vantage Excel124RJR1980s
Memo on Virginia Slims Superslims132PM1990
Reduced lit-end smoke does nothing about exhaled smoke, perceived to be a bigger problem“Project CC” prototype tests217RJR1980s
Report on Socially Acceptable Products123RJR1986
“Project XA” product tests121RJR1993
“Project VISA” focus groups97Imperial1989
Report for “Project VISA”54Imperial1989
Safety concerns: chemical additives or more toxins for the smoker?“Project CC” research76RJR1981
“Project CC” consumer tests126RJR1985
Research on Premier and Favor 104PM1988
“Project XA” qualitative research102,131,139RJR1990–93
Research on PRISM134RJR1993