Table 1

 Publication patterns and authorship

Total number of papersNumber of A-papersPercentage of all A-papersNumber of B-papersPercentage of all B-papers
Number of TDR papers published by journal
1 paper journals (27 journals)2712111524
2–4 paper journals (Addiction, BMJ, Central European Journal of Public Health, Health Promotion Practice, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, Medical Journal of Australia, New England Journal of Medicine)19981016
Nicotine and Tobacco Research and Lancet (exclusively second wave)1676914
JAMA (predominantly first wave)99800
American Journal of Public Health (exclusively second wave)25201858
Tobacco Control (almost exclusively second wave)7753482438
TDR author group of most senior author on paper
Most senior author is an inexperienced author (1 or 2 papers)5320183352
Most senior author is an occasional author (3–6 papers)2713121422
Most senior author is a frequent author (7–11 papers)43383558
Most senior author is a prolific author (>20 papers)5039351117