Table 2

 Sources and limitations reported in order of frequency of use

Tobacco document sources reportedLimitations reported
BAT, British American Tobacco; B&W, Brown and Williamson; MSA, Master Settlement Agreement; UCSF, University of California, San Francisco.
MSA tobacco industry web sitesReturned document set not complete
Tobacco Documents OnlineSearching inefficient, returned document set voluminous
Legacy/UCSFSearching problems
Other non-tobacco industry websitesDepositories hard to access
Tobacco documents non-MSA or BAT/B&WNature of document evidence creates limitations
Minnesota DepositoryDocuments returned by search redundant
BAT Guildford DepositoryNot clear from documents whether plans were implemented
Early BAT and B&W doc setDocuments stop in 1990s
Non-tobacco document sources Selection bias in total document population
General or specialist press, internetNo triangulation of documents with other sources
Legislation, lawsuits, hearings
Published literature
Interviews and surveys
Government or state information
Resources from individuals or organisations
Quantitative data
Agencies working for the tobacco industry
Filings from stock exchanges, financial records
Advertising campaigns