Table 2

 Summary of the annual costs (1998) for mortality and morbidity due to diseases caused by active smoking

Component of costNo. of attributable units, best estimate (range)Unit cost (US$)Value (US$ million), best estimate (range)
*This is the value used in the main estimates of costs.
The numbers in the table are rounded and so may not sum to totals.
A&E, accident and emergency; DH, Department of Health; HA, Hospital Authority, GP, general practitioner.
Total lives lost5596 (4096–6978)1.3 million7193 (5265–8969)
    Productive lives lost (<65 years)1529 (1054–1942)
Productive life years lost (<65 years)
    Undiscounted10774 (7295–13837)Males: 18509199 (134–255)
    Discounted at 3% per year*8669 (5889–11111)Females: 13882160 (109–205)*
Public hospital days
    Acute270038481130 (89–166)
    Long stay15288825539 (29–49)
Private hospital episodes6370250516 (12–19)
Specialist outpatient clinics2568237419 (16–22)
General outpatient clinics714585DH: 28, HA: 3421 (19–22)
A&E (visits)105661748 (7–8)
Private GP (visits)5199622312 (12–18)
Days off work (private sector)170893Males: 5110 (0.5–15)
Days off work (public sector)21610Females: 381 (0.1–2)
Nursing home care117 (106–128)
Home-based care0.7 (0.5–0.8)
Annual costs for active smoking, excluding the value of life532 (421–655)