Table 3

 Summary of the annual costs (1998) for mortality and morbidity due to diseases caused by passive smoking

Component of costNo. of attributable units, best estimate (range)Unit cost (US$)Value (US$ million), best estimate (range)
*This is the value used in the main estimates of costs.
The numbers in the table are rounded and so may not sum to totals.
The following could not be estimated: numbers and costs of episodes in a private hospital; specialist outpatient clinic, general outpatient clinic and accident and emergency clinic visits; nursing home care.
Total lives lost1324 (334–2251)1.3 million1702 (429–2893)
    Productive lives lost (<65 years)178 (38–310)
Productive life years lost (<65 years)
    Undiscounted1031 (211–1800)Males: 1850018 (4–31)
    Discounted at 3% per year*815 (168–1423)Females: 1390014 (3–24)*
Admissions and outpatient use in children4 (–)
Public hospital days
    Acute8891648143 (13–70)
    Long stay6958825518 (6–29)
Private GP (visits)Approx 15000002332 (3–60)
Days off work (private sector)942409Males: 5141 (15–66)
Days off work (public sector)102390Females: 384 (2–7)
Home-based care0.3 (0.1–0.5)
Annual costs for passive smoking, excluding the value of life156 (48–261)