Table 1

 Relative risks (RRs) of mortality rate and smoking attributable fractions (SAFs) associated with smoking by disease, sex, and age group, 2001

DiseaseICD-9 codeRR (95% CI)†SAF
Male 35+Female 35+35–4950–6465+35–4950–6465+
†Cause specific relative risks (RRs) of mortality for current smokers compared with non-smokers (adjusted by age).
GI, gastrointestinal.
Neoplasm of lip, oral cavity, pharynx140–1492.6*(1.60 to 4.23)0.460.420.36
Neoplasm of oesophagus1503.18*(1.53 to 6.60)15.57*(1.23 to 197)0.540.490.430.380.350.28
Neoplasm of stomach1511.68*(1.16 to 2.43)
Neoplasm of rectum1542.06*(1.01 to 4.18)0.360.320.27
Neoplasm of liver, gallbladder, bile ducts155–1561.46*(1.18 to 1.82)5.03*(2.36 to 10.7)
Neoplasm of trachea, lung, bronchus1622.73*(2.08 to 3.59)3.36*(1.44 to 7.86)0.480.440.380.090.080.06
Neoplasm of cervix, uteri1805.78*(1.67 to 20.0)
Diabetes mellitus2501.51*(1.13 to 2.02)
Rheumatic heart disease390–3989.43*(1.09 to 81.5)
Ischaemic heart disease410–4142.06*(1.51 to 2.81)3.58*(1.09 to 11.8)0.360.320.
Cardiac arrest and other heart disease420–4291.6*(1.20 to 2.12)
Cerebrovascular disease430–4381.65*(1.33 to 2.05)
Chronic bronchitis4913.13*(1.05 to 9.29)0.530.490.43
Asthma4937.12*(1.89 to 26.9)
Chronic airways obstruction4962.65*(1.54 to 4.56)0.470.430.36
Peptic ulcer and GI haemorrhage531–5333*(1.32 to 6.82)22.28*(3.36 to 148)0.520.470.410.470.440.36
Liver cirrhosis5712.01*(1.45 to 2.77)0.350.310.26
Kidney diseases580–5892.23*(1.44 to 3.47)0.400.360.30
AccidentsE800–9491.66*(1.36 to 2.02)