Table 1

 Major segments, brands, and advertising campaigns in Mumbai, India

Segment/brandAdvertisement descriptionAdvertised in higher/lower SES areaPresent in print
GPI, Godfrey Phillips India, Ltd; GTC, Golden Tobacco Company; ITC, Indian Tobacco Company; VST, Vazir Sultan Tobacco Company.
*Smaller plain segment cigarettes that compete in the bidi (hand rolled cigarettes) segment.
US$1 =  approximately Rs45.
Super premium
ITC Insignia. Cost: Rs100 for 20“Where quality touches infinity”, “redefine perfection”HigherIndia Today, Business Today
ITC Wills Classic/Mild Filter: King 70–74 mm. Cost: Rs60 for 20“Discover a passion”HigherNone
ITC Wills Navy Cut Filter: <70 mm. Cost: Rs46 for 20“Made for each other”HigherNone
ITC Wills Silk Cut Filter: Actech. Cost: Rs46 for 20“A blend so right a filter so fine”HigherNone
ITC Gold Flake/Lights Filter: Regular 68 mm. Cost: Rs24 for 20“It’s Honeydew Smooth”, Smooth, exquisite, timeless. But then, all art is”Higher and lowerThe Week, Business India, India Today, Filmfare
GPI Four Square Filter: Regular. 68 mm Cost: Rs24 for 20“Man with the smooth edge”Higher and LowerOutlook, Filmfare
ITC Bristol“Rise to the taste”Higher and LowerNone
GPI Red and White. Cost: Rs14.50 for 10Text in Hindi “Hum red and white peene walon ki baat hi kuch aur hai”Higher and LowerStardust film magazine
VST Charms“The taste that sets you free”Lower
GTC Platinum. Cost: Rs17.50 for 10“Smoother than gold” Launched in 4/03NoneMumbai Mid Day insert