Table 2

 Examples of questions designed to measure policy-specific variables in the International Tobacco Control Surveys

Policy domainExamples of questions measuring policy-specific variables
Product warningsIn the last month how often, if at all, have you noticed the warning labels on cigarette packages?
In the last month, how often, if at all, have you read or looked closely at the warning labels on cigarette packages?
Smoke-free legislationWhich of the following best describes the rules about smoking in drinking establishments, bars, and pubs where you live?
• Smoking is not allowed in any indoor area;
• Smoking is allowed only in some indoor areas; or
• No rules or restrictions
For each of the following public places, please tell me if you think smoking should be allowed in all indoor areas, in some indoor areas, or not allowed indoors at all:
• Hospitals
• Workplaces
• Drinking establishments (e.g. pubs/bars)
• Restaurants and cafés
Price/taxationWhere did you last buy cigarettes for yourself?
How much did you pay for your cigarettes?
The last time you bought cigarettes for yourself, did you buy them by the carton, the pack, or as single cigarettes?
The last time you bought cigarettes or tobacco for yourself, did you use any coupons or discounts to get a special price?
Pro- and counter- advertisingIn the last 6 months… how often have you noticed things that promote smoking?
In the last 6 months, have you noticed cigarettes or tobacco products being advertised in any of the following places: television, radio, at the cinema/movie theatre before or after the film/movie, on posters or billboards, in newspapers or magazines, on shop/store windows or inside shops/stores where you buy tobacco?
Now I would like you to think about advertising or information that talks about the dangers of smoking, or encourages quitting. In the last 6 months how often, if at all, have you have noticed such advertising or information?
Product regulationDo you agree with this statement about “light” cigarettes: “Light cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes”?