Table 1

 Overall prevalence and uptake of smoke-free homes and cars by country

VariablesCountryBetween country differences
*Percentages are based on weighted data for this part of the table only.
Reported smoking restriction at homes by smokers in Wave 1 (%)*
    Total ban27.326.415.334.1χ2 (6) = 344.81, p<0.001
Reported smoking restriction at homes among Wave 2 cohort (%)
    Among smokers
        Total ban31.527.919.043.1χ2 (6) = 311.46, p<0.001
    Among quitters
        Total ban57.855.240.864.6χ2 (6) = 38.24, p<0.001
Between waves among continuing smokers (%)
    Implement smoke-free8.χ2 (9) = 399.90, p<0.001
    Retain smoke-free22.722.313.135.6
    Retain non smoke-free62.066.480.155.9
    Regress to smoking6.
Net increase in smoke-free homes (%)2.1−
Don’t smoke in cars with non-smokers (% yes)*63.457.168.766.0χ2 (3) = 70.16, p<0.001