Table 1

 Philip Morris’s Sunrise strategies28,38,39,146

StrategyAchieved by
Fair Play Researching tobacco control advocates and organisations
Building relationships with “moderate” tobacco control organisations
Diverting and diminishing tobacco control funding
Weakening advocates’ credibility
Position PM as reasonable PM21 image makeover campaign
Expand the smoking experienceResearching smokers
Building camaraderie among smokers
Creating products and programmes to promote social acceptability and reinforce smoking rituals
Connect with smokersResearching communication options (cable or satellite television, radio, internet, direct mail, etc)
Creating smoker communities
Assure smoking placesExpanding the Accommodation Program (a programme that promoted accommodating smokers in public places)
Creating “Options” website
Creating programme to reduce cigarette litter
Minimise environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)Supporting development of ventilation technologies
Ensuring acceptable ETS regulations
Communicating PM’s accommodation and ventilation views
Creating low sidestream smoke and low odour products
Promote values that support smokingDeveloping coalitions with other industries
Creating programmes to “de-demonize” smokers, promote tolerance