Table 1

 Adolescent (12–17 years) and young adult (18–24 years) sample characteristics from survey data sources

Adolescents selected for interview66046892877880698796
Adolescents with completed interviews50405531625260905857
Adolescent completion rate76.3%80.3%71.2%75.5%66.7%
Young adults selected for interview550916973432325510084
Young adults with completed interviews35181022247821905930
Young adult completion rate63.9%60.2%72.2%67.3%58.8%
*The 1992 CTS was used for young adults 18–24 years old. The much larger 1993 CTS did not include a question on ever smoking in the adult interview, but adolescent data from the 1993 CTS included all the relevant early smoking behaviour questions.
CPS-TUS, Current Population Surveys Tobacco Use Supplement; CTS, California Tobacco Surveys.
Young adults in households33039266242546326620
Young adults completing TUS22927168351541916707
Young adult self response completion rate67.6%63.2%60.6%62.8%