Table 5

 Logistic regressions: any use of roll-your-own (RYO) versus factory made (FM), and RYO only versus mixed

Item (n = 9046)Any RYO versus FMRYO only versus mixed
2 = 15.2, df =  8; ns2 = 7.2, df = 8; ns*
ORp ValueORp Value
*Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit.
HSI, heaviness of smoking index; NS, not significant; TSP, tobacco smoke pollution
    Female versus male0.500.0010.750.019
    USA (reference)1.001.00
    High (reference)1.001.000
    No answer1.990.0010.98NS
    High (reference)1.001.00
Identified minority
    Majority versus minority1.720.0011.06NS
Self rated addiction level1.200.0021.07NS
Claim to inhale deeply1.090.0101.130.034
Number of smokers among 5 closest friends1.170.0010.930.035
Overall attitude to smoking1.05NS0.95NS
Intention to quit0.920.0080.90NS
Social denormalisation0.890.0241.270.014
Self exempting beliefs1.01NS0.98NS
RYO least harmful2.040.0011.09NS
RYO most harmful0.460.0010.75NS
Spend food money on cigarettes1.250.0010.94NS
Think about money spent0.860.0010.860.002
Spend too much0.730.0010.730.001
Make special effort to buy cheaper1.280.0010.82NS
Think about harm to others1.070.0051.07NS
Think about harm done by tobacco companies1.070.0071.01NS
Attitude to regulation of tobacco companies1.05NS1.200.031
Can trust tobacco companies to tell the truth0.910.0020.890.040
Tobacco companies try to convince no TSP risk1.070.0211.08NS