Table 1

 Obligations of tobacco farmers: a comparison of BATK’s proposals for the reorganisation of the tobacco industry with rules passed by the minister of agriculture

BAT Kenya, September 1993: Rules and regulations governing the production, marketing and transport of flue cured, fire cured and burley tobacco in Kenya85Kenya Gazette, Legislative Supplement,July 1994: The crop production and livestock(tobacco growing and marketing) rules, 199480
Obligations of the registered growersPart III – Farmers
1. Register with one approved sponsor only per crop season…ensure that there is no mixing of grades in each hand or mixing of hands of individual grades in one bale.17.(1) No farmer shall enter into sponsorship agreement with more than one sponsor for the same growing period.
1.2 Not register with any other sponsor if he still has an outstanding debt from a previous crop with a previous sponsor(2) Any farmer who enters into a sponsorship agreement with a sponsor shall prior to such agreement clear all outstanding debts secured with any other sponsor.
2. Sell ALL the tobacco he produces to his sponsor.18. No farmer shall sell any tobacco grown by him pursuant to a sponsorship agreement, to any person other than his sponsor, or at prices and buying points different from those specified in the sponsorship agreement or as may be directed in writing by the sponsor.
3. Sell only the tobacco that he has grown, ie, he will not offer any of his tobacco for sale through a third party.
4. Co-operate with the sponsor and other tobacco growers and grow only the hectarage, using the best cultural practices, agreed with his sponsor.19. No farmer shall grow tobacco on an acreage either larger or lesser than that specified in the sponsorship agreement.