Table 1

 Data sources and details

DataData sourceYear (boundary for import or export data)
USDA, US Department of Agriculture; UN FAO, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization; WHO, World Health Organization.
Tobacco leaf productionUN FAO database (agricultural production section)651961–2000
Cigarette productionUSDA1960–2001
Tobacco leaf imports and exportsUN FAO database (agriculture and food trade section).661961–1995 using USSR boundaries 1992–1999 using NIS boundaries
Cigarette imports and exportsUN FAO database (agriculture and food trade section)1961–1995 using USSR boundaries
USDA1960–1989 using USSR boundaries 1990–2001 using NIS boundaries
Cigarette consumptionUSDA1960–2001
Mid year population estimatesUnited Nations Demographic Yearbooks23–251960–1989
WHO Health for All database261990–2001
Mid year population 15+ estimates:WHO Health for All database261990–2001