Table 4

 Readiness to quit, quit attempts, reasons for quitting, and quitting aids used among major and minor league players (percentage of regular ST users)

Readiness to quit
No thought of quitting11.
Think I need to consider quitting12.013.916.918.3
Think I should quit, but not quite ready36.729.025.426.6
Starting to think about how to change use27.230.731.932.5
Taking action to quit13.215.014.710.4
Quit attempts
Made one or more serious quit attempts in past year51.251.441.940.1
Reasons for quitting
Chewing is hazardous to my health76.471.274.0
Don’t want to get cancer64.458.361.4
It portrays a negative image to kids35.424.333.7
My significant other doesn’t like it32.125.731.1
It has unpleasant effects on my appearance28.925.128.2
Bad role model for my own kids28.116.526.6
The cost22.623.421.5
Quitting aids used
Support from spouse36.538.949.8
Advice from dentist29.326.834.1
Dental exam25.527.233.0
Support from other players23.525.230.2
Advice from trainer22.122.724.9
Nicotine gum11.310.916.9
Advice from specialist8.714.19.9
Nicotine patch8.18.78.9
Other nicotine replacement4.75.72.9
Bupropion (Zyban)