Table 6

‚ÄÉCases where the defendant argued that the plaintiff had other risk factors

Case nameOther risk factorsOutcome (plaintiff)
Allen v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco CoObesity, diabetes, vascular diseaseLoss
Allgood v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco CoTex-Mex food, alcohol, work exposures (hydrocarbons, benzene, xylene, toluene, strong acids and bases)Loss
Lacy v. Lorillard IncOccupational exposure to asbestosLoss
Kenyon v. RJ Reynolds TobaccoMultifactorialWin (on appeal)
Mehlman v. Philip Morris IncHeredity, depressionLoss
Newcomb v. RJ Reynolds TobaccoDiesel exhaust fumesLoss
Reller v. Philip Morris IncAsbestosLoss
Schwarz v. Philip Morris IncOver half of women who get sick with adenocarcinoma do not smokeWin (on appeal)
Steele v. Brown & WilliamsonChromium compounds, silica, hay dust, coal tar productsLoss
Tompkin v. American Brands IncAsbestosLoss
Tune v. Philip Morris IncOesophageal reflux and drinking (caused the throat cancer)Loss
Whiteley v. Raybestos-ManhattanMarijuana, family history, alcoholRemanded