Table 1

 Tobacco industry website statements related to addiction. Accessed 21 July 2005

British American Tobacco
We accept the common understanding today that smoking is addictive. Certainly smoking is pleasurable and smokers can find it hard to quit even though they know that smoking brings a real risk of serious disease. People realise, as they should, that someone who starts smoking may find it difficult to quit.
Lorillard Tobacco (
Cigarette smoking can also be addictive.
Japan Tobacco International (
As the term addiction is commonly used today, cigarette smoking is addictive. Many smokers, who say they want to stop smoking, report difficulty quitting. The reasons they offer vary. Some say they miss the pleasure they derive from smoking. Others complain of feeling irritable or anxious. Still others speak simply of the difficulty of breaking a well-ingrained habit.
However, equating the use of cigarettes to hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, as many do, flies in the face of common sense. Smoking, unlike heroin and cocaine, does not cause acute or chronic mental disorders, any dependence is weak and poorly defined and there is no evidence of chronic tolerance or intoxication. In particular, neither social problems nor family disruption can be attributable to cigarette smoking.
“In the United States, according to government data, 90% of those who have given up smoking have done so without formal treatment...
Philip Morris, USA (
Philip Morris USA agrees with the overwhelming medical and scientific consensus that cigarette smoking is addictive. It can be very difficult to quit smoking, but this should not deter smokers who want to quit from trying to do so.
RJ Reynolds (
Smoking is addictive as that term is commonly used today. Many smokers find it difficult to quit and some find it extremely difficult. However, we disagree with characterizing smoking as being addictive in the same sense as heroin, cocaine or similar illegal substances. Any smoker with a sincere desire and determination to stop smoking can – and should – quit.
US Smokeless Tobacco (
No statement concerning addiction.
Vector Group, Liggett Group subsidiary (
Smoking is addictive.