*The settlement figures given for each state constitute the amount to be paid by the tobacco industry over 25 years. However, the settlements do not end with the 25th year, but rather obligate each settling tobacco company to continue paying the states in perpetuity for as long as the company remains in business.
Barnes (Arch) v. American Tobacco CompanyPennsylvaniaCertification denied
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey v. Philip Morris Inc.New YorkCase terminated
Boeken v. Philip Morris Inc.CaliforniaSettled: US$50 million in punitive damages
Broin v. Brown & WilliamsonFloridaSettled: no monetary payments made to injured flight attendants. Payment of US$300 million to fund a research foundation, and US$49 million to plaintiffs’ attorneys for their work on the case
California v. Philip Morris Inc.*CaliforniaSettled: US$25.5 billion over 25 years
Dunn (Wiley) v. RJR Nabisco Holdings Corps.IndianaDefendants held not liable
Engle v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco CompanyFloridaSettled: US$12.7 million compensatory damages
Falise v. American Tobacco CompanyNew YorkMistrial
Florida v. American Tobacco Company*FloridaSettled: US$10 billion over 25 years
Henley v. Philip Morris Inc.CaliforniaSettled: US$9 million punitive damages
Kings County Tobacco LitigationNew YorkDefendants held not liable
Kueper v. R.J. ReynoldsIllinoisDefendants held not liable
Local No. 17 Bridge and Iron Workers Insurance Fund v Philip Morris Inc.OhioDefendants held not liable
Massachusetts v. Philip Morris Inc.*MassachusettsSettled: US$8.3 billion over 25 years
McMullin v. United States Smokeless Tobacco CompanyFloridaSettled for an undisclosed amount
Minnesota v. Philip Morris Inc.*MinnesotaSettled: US$6.6 billion over 25 years
Mississippi Tobacco Litigation*MinnesotaSettled: US$3.6 billion over 25 years
National Asbestos Workers Medical Fund v. Philip Morris Inc.New YorkCase dismissed
New York Class Action Tobacco LitigationNew YorkCase dismissed
Schwartz v. Philip Morris IncOregonSettled: US$168,500 in compensatory damages and US$100 million in punitive damages. This case is on appeal to the Oregon Court of Appeals in 2006.
Scott v. American Tobacco CompanyLouisianaUS$591 million awarded to smoking cessation programmes over 10 years
Oklahoma v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company*United States District Court, State of OklahomaSettled: US$2 billion over 25 years
Texas v. American Tobacco Company*The United States District Court for the Eastern District of TexasSettled: US$15.3 billion over 25 years
Tobacco Litigation (Medical Monitoring Cases) [Blankenship]Circuit Court of Ohio, West VirginiaTobacco industry not liable for funding a medical monitoring programme
Tompkin v. American Brands Inc.OhioDefendants held not liable
Washington v. American Tobacco Company*WashingtonSettled: US$4.5 billion over 25 years
Whiteley v. Raybestos-Manhattan Inc.CaliforniaSettled: US$1.72 million compensatory damages, US$20 million punitive damages
Wilkes v. American Tobacco CompanyMississippiDefendant held not liable
Williams v. Philip Morris Inc.OregonSettled: US$80 million