Table 3

 Regression results of the effect of state tobacco control funding, cigarette taxes and the MSA on retail cigarette promotions, 1994–2004

Independent variablePercentage of sales promotedMultipack value as a percentage of usual priceCents-off value as a percentage of usual price
Odds ratio (95% CI)OLS coefficient (standard error)OLS coefficient (standard error)
CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; MSA, Master Settlement Agreement; OLC, ordinary least squares; TCP, tobacco control programme.
Models controlled for brand market share, Herfindahl index of industry concentration, unemployment rate, quadratic time trend, cigarette brand, market, and calendar quarter.
*p<0.10; **p<0.05; ***p<0.01.
TCP funding: <25% of CDC minimum1.0Reference for funding variablesReference for funding variables
TCP funding: 25–50% of CDC minimum1.139*** (1.108 to 1.170)0.002 (0.004)−0.006** (0.003)
TCP funding: >50% of CDC minimum1.231*** (1.204 to 1.258)0.002 (0.003)−0.005 (0.004)
Cigarette excise tax, $/pack2.155*** (2.071 to 2.242)0.022*** (0.006)0.005 (0.007)
MSA (1 = yes, 0 = no)1.564*** (1.518 to 1.612)0.071*** (0.006)−0.031*** (0.003)
Number of observations11039884324111