Table 1

 Descriptive statistics of pre- and post-ban visits to pubs (n = 53; 41 pubs)

Edinburgh quiet time(n = 14)Aberdeen quiet time (n = 4)Edinburgh busy time (n = 23)Aberdeen busy time (n = 12)All data (n = 53)
Mean start time of visit14:2614:2414:5115:0719:5019:3620:1019:5518:0617:57
GSD, geometric standard deviation.
The number of people smoking outside the pub was only recorded during the post-ban visits.
Number of patrons
    Mean number per pub10.210.110.815.
    Mean number observed smoking per pub (inside)
    Mean number observed smoking per pub (outside)NA0.9NA0.0NA1.8NA2.0NA1.5
PM2.5 (μg/m3)
    Geometric mean (pooled GSD)94 (2.5)14 (1.9)77 (2.5)6 (1.9)212 (2.5)20 (1.9)269 (2.5)15 (1.9)167 (2.7)16 (2.0)