Table 2

 Secondhand smoke reductions observed as a result of smoke-free legislation in other countries

Study descriptionSHS marker% reduction observedNumber of venues sampledReference
PM2.5, particulater matter <2.5μm in diameter; RSP, respirable suspended particulate; SHS, secondhand smoke.
*This study looked at the difference in PM2.5 levels in Irish-theme pubs in cities/countries with smoke-free legislation and compared them with similar pubs where there were no smoking restrictions.
New York State (US) barsPM2.58420Travers et al10
Irish pubsNicotine8320Mulcahy et al11
Delaware state (US) barsRSP908Repace9
Irish-theme pubs globally*PM2.591128Connolly et al17
Austin, Texas (US) barsPM2.571–9917Waring et al18
Norwegian bars and restaurantsTotal inhalable dust7013Ellingsen et al8
Scottish pubsPM2.58641This study