Table 2

 Jury verdicts (by case) in favour of plaintiffs during the third wave of tobacco litigation

CaseStateYear of verdictCompensatory damages assessed by juryPunitive damages assessed by juryTotal amount of award assessed by juryCurrent status of caseType of case*
*I, individual case; C, class action case; H, health care cost recovery case.
AR, Arkansas; CA, California; FL, Florida; IL, Illinois; KS, Kansas; LA, Louisiana; MD, Maryland; MO, Missouri; NY, New York; OR, Oregon; PR, Puerto Rico.
Sources: Court filings; news media reports; Tobacco Control Resource Center, Northeastern University School of Law; Morgan Stanley Equity Research North America; Prudential Equity Group, LLC.
HorowitzCA1995$1.3 million$700000$2 millionUpheld on appeal; plaintiff was paid $3 million, including interestI
CarterFL1996$750000$0$750000Upheld on appeal; plaintiff was paid $1.09 million, including interestI
WiddickFL1998$552000$450000$1.002 millionReversed; dismissed on appealI
HenleyCA1999$1.5 million$50 million$51.5 millionReduced to $10.5 million; upheld on appeal; plaintiff was paid $16.7 million (including interest)I
Williams-BranchOR1999$800000$79.5 million$80.3 millionOn appealI
ConnorMD1999$225000$2 million$2.225 millionSecond trial ordered to determine non-liability issue related to when plaintiff’s mesothelioma developedI
EngleFL1999N/A$145 billion$145 billionReversed; on appealC
WhiteleyCA2000$1.72 million$20 million$21.72 millionReversed; set for retrialI
TraversoCA2000$48,000$1 million$1.048 millionSettled (terms confidential)I
Farnan (Engle class member)FL2000$2.9 million$0$2.9 millionOn appealI
Amodeo (Engle class member)FL2000$5.8 million$0$5.8 millionOn appealI
Della Vecchia (Engle class member)FL2000$4 million$0$4 millionOn appealI
JonesFL2000$200000$0$200000Verdict vacated by trial courtI
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New JerseyNY2001$17.8 million$0$17.8 millionReversedH
BoekenCA2001$5.54 million$3 billion$3+ billionReduced to $55.54 million; upheld on appeal; plaintiff was paid $82 million (including interest)I
KenyonFL2001$165000$0$165000Upheld on appeal; plaintiff was paid $195000 (including interest)I
BurtonKS2002$198000$15 million$15.198 millionPunitive damage award eliminated; plaintiff was paid $198000I
SchwarzOR2002$170000$150 million$150.17 millionReduced to $100.17 million; on appeal, remanded back to trial court for new trial to re-determine amount of punitive damagesI
FrenchFL2002$5.5 million$0$5.5 millionReduced to $500000; on appealI
Luckacs (Engle)FL2002$500000$37 million$37.5 millionReduced to $25.1 million; on appealI
BullockCA2002$850000$28 billion$28+ billionReduced to $28.1 million; upheld by mid-level appeals court; on appealI
VargasPR2002$1 million$0$1 millionReversedI
Miles/PriceIL2003$5 billion$3 billion$10.1 billion (including $2.1 billion interest)Reversed; on appealC
EastmanFL2003$3.25 million$3.25 million$6.5 millionReduced to $3.25 million; plaintiff was paidI
BoernerAR2003$4.025 million$15 million$19.025 millionPunitive damage award reduced to $5 million by appeals court; plaintiff was paid $9 millionI
ThompsonMO2003$1.05 million$250000$1.3 millionOn appealI
FranksonNY2003$175000$20 million$20.175 millionPunitive damage award reduced to $5.5 million; on appealI
ScottLA2004$592 million$0$592 millionOn appealC
ArnitzFL2004$240000$0$240000Upheld by mid-level appeals court; on appealI
SmithMO2005$500000$20 million$20.5 millionOn appealI
RoseNY2005$3.42 million$17.1 million$20.52 millionOn appealI