Table 6

 Relative risk* (95% CI) of death from all causes in reducers at the second examination who attended the third examination, by group at the third examination, with sustained heavy smokers as reference,in both sexes

Reducers at second examination, group at third examinationSustained heavy smokers from second to the third examination
New quittersSustained reducersIncreasers
*Adjusted for sex.
†Participants not reporting cardiovascular disease, diabetes or treatment for hypertension, or symptoms of angina pectoris or atherosclerosis obliterans. n = 271 aged 20–49 years at initial screening.
Relative risk0.47 (0.21 to 1.04)1.16 (0.73 to 1.85)1.23 (0.90 to 1.69)1.00
Participants (n = 271)†37691653574
Number of deaths61842818
Men (%)86757072
Mean (SD) daily cigarette consumption
    First examination21.8 (6.4)23.6 (8.8)20.6 (6.7)18.0 (4.6)
    Second examination9.1 (3.3)10.0 (4.0)9.2 (3.6)17.5 (6.0)
    Third examination010.4 (4.8)17.2 (6.4)18.3 (6.6)