Table 1

 Demographic and other characteristics of former cigarette smokers in Cancer Prevention Study-II who quit using tobacco entirely (“quit entirely”) or those who substituted spit tobacco for cigarette smoking (“switcher”)*

Former cigarette smokers
CharacteristicsQuit entirelySwitcher
*Percentages may not sum to 100 because of missing values.
n = 116 395 (%)111 952 (96)4443 (4)
Median age at enrolment (years)5856
White (%)9698
Educational level (%)
    <High school1330
    High school graduate1927
    Some college2926
    College graduate209
    Graduate school186
Current alcohol consumption (%)
    <1 drink/day1510
    1 drink/day85
    2–3 drinks/day128
    ⩾4+ drinks/day76
Amount of exercise (%)
Aspirin use (%)5757
Currently employed (%)7067
Blue-collar occupation (%)2345
Mean body mass index (kg/m2)26.126.2
Mean weekly vegetable/fruit intake1816
Mean weekly dietary fat consumption282310
Prevalent disease at enrolment (%)
    Heart disease or diabetes1819
    Chronic bronchitis/emphysema610
    Any of the above2730