Table 1 Natural themes used in cigarette print advertising, 1910–20061621
ThemeExamples1910–91920–91930–91940–91950–91960–91970–91980–91990–2006Total, 1910–2006
Growing process“…the choicest tobaccos nature grows.” “Quality leaf is naturally ripened by the sun.”12400001210
Normalisation of brand choice“Her natural choice, Marlboro.” “You naturally smoke Omar.”20341010011
Normalisation of cigarettes or smoking“…it’s only natural that everybody’s smoking more.” “Camels and eating go together naturally.”10422110011
Physiological effect“Smoking Camels speeds the natural flow of digestive juices.” “You can always get a pleasant, natural ‘lift’ by enjoying a Camel.”0040000004
Purity“100% pure and natural cigarettes.” “The … filter is made from a pure, natural material found in … fruit.”002252122034
Women“The natural choice for a lady with taste.” “The slimmer cigarette with natural menthol women like.”0011002004
Product quality
Taste“You have the natural taste of tobacco.” “Natural tobacco flavour unlocked at last!”01125881127
Smell“Only fine old tobacco can give that natural aroma and fragrance.” “With a natural tobacco fragrance.”0020000002
Strength“You’re smoking tobacco that’s…naturally mild.” “Pall Mall’s famous length…gentles the smoke naturally.”00216610016
Duration“The tobacco is naturally slow burning.” “Being slower-burning, Camels naturally last longer.”0020000013
Filter“Filter made from pure cellulose—soft, snow white, natural.” “The extra length of tobacco acts as an effective natural filter.”0001400016
Menthol“…full natural menthol flavour.” “Taste the freshness of natural menthol.”00001351212
Other IngredientsNaturally reduced in tar and nicotine.” “Additive free, all natural premium tobacco.”000030221825
Number of advertisements identified*432212241416427126
  • *Advertisements were coded for multiple themes; thus, the total number of themes identified in each decade might exceed the total number of advertisements.