Table 3

 Increase in indoor particle and aerosol mass concentration due to individual residual tobacco smoke after 10 consecutive re-entries after the last puff

0.3–1.0 µm particles/lPM2.5 µg/m3
PM, particulate matter; RTS, residual tobacco smoke.
Initial room concentration222830.56
SubjectsRTS individual supplyRTS individual supply
    1, test a73160.23
    1, test b15610.07
    2, test a203840.25
    2, test b660560.53
    3, test a29160.07
    3, test b976850.68
    4, test a119370.11
    4, test b80600.08
    5, test a977670.66
    5, test b1087880.81
Final room concentration3419563.32