Table 1

 Development of price for cigarettes in Germany, 2001–2005; reference brand Marlboro

Original pack, sold in retailPack sold in vending machines
price per packnumber per packprice per cigaretteprice per packnumber per packprice per cigaretteAbsolute price increase per cigarette in Cent
EurocentEurocentOriginal packVending machineAveraged†
*Price in Deutsche Mark was converted in Euro with official exchange rate (1 Euro = 1,95583 Deutsche Mark).
†Estimated by 0.3 × price increase of vending machine packs + 0.7 × price increase of original pack.
Prices were given by the “Bundesverband Deutscher Tabakwarengroβhändler und Automatenaufsteller” (Association of German tobacco wholesalers and vending machine operators) and verified by own investigation.
Until December 2001*2.811914.793.072015.35
Until December 20023.001915.793.001915.79
Until March 20043.201916.843.001816.67
Until December 20043.601918.954.002119.05
Until September 20054.001921.054.001921.05
Since September 20053.801722.354.001822.22