Table 2

 Incidence rate of successful smoking cessation 1990–9, comparing three groups of states by age

Age, by state group% Successfully quit/yearRelative odds of cessation95% CI
CA, California; NY & NJ, New York and New Jersey; TGS, tobacco-growing states (Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia).
Successful cessation was defined as self-reported abstinence of ⩾1 year. Data shown are weighted percentages. Odds ratios and 95% CIs from weighted logistic regression adjusting for demographics.
*Significant at p<0.05
20–34 years
    NY & NJ3.70.87*0.78 to 0.98
    TGS2.80.79*0.70 to 0.89
35–49 years
    NY & NJ3.60.960.84 to 1.10
    TGS2.80.82*0.71 to 0.94
50–64 years
    NY & NJ4.71.070.88 to 1.28
    TGS4.21.010.85 to 1.19