Table 2 Cost per call for radio buys
Advertisements (message)CallsCostCost per call
Ad aired alone
“Raspy” (reasons to quit smoking)*320$106 407$332
“Tina Cary-Graft” (family testimonial smokeless)*410$146 335$357
“Just a Pinch” (reasons to quit smokeless)*127$65 367$514
“Lucky Rick” (smokeless user testimonial)*172$90 578$527
Ads aired in pairs
“Secondhand Sound” (no QL)† and “Lucky Rick”172$181 156$1053
“Secondhand Sound” (no QL)† and “Tina Cary-Graft”234$153 166$655
“What Is a Voice” (no QL)† and “Tina Cary-Graft”176$139 504$793
“Raspy” and “Lucky Rick”522$212 813$408
“Raspy” and “Just a Pinch”324$130 734$404
  • *Figures calculated from ads aired in pairs.

  • †Advertisement does not mention the quitline (QL).