Table 1

 Annual decline in the average number of daily cigarettes smoked by daily smokers in California, New York and New Jersey, and the tobacco-growing states, according to age group*

Annual decline in number of cigarettes smoked per day by daily smokers (95% CI)
Age group
20–34 years35–49 years50–64 years
nEstimate (95% CI)†p Value‡nEstimatep Value‡nEstimatep Value‡
CA, California; NJ, New Jersey; NY, New York; TGS; tobacco-growing states.
*Models adjusted for gender, education level, income and poverty status.
†95% CIs for the rate of decline in cigarettes/day/year. The rate of decline is statistically significant for all state-age groups because they do not include the null value, except for smokers 50–64 years of age in TGS.
‡p Value is indicative of whether the rate of decline is significantly different than for CA (as the reference state).
CA1333−0.19 (−0.34 to −0.05)Reference1789−0.41 (−0.55 to −0.27)Reference1081−0.42 (−0.59 to −0.24)Reference
NY/NJ4202−0.25 (−0.34 to −0.16)0.535100−0.22 (−0.30 to −0.14)0.0322923−0.23 (−0.35 to −0.11)0.073
TGS2485−0.32 (−0.41 to −0.22)0.183345−0.19 (−0.27 to −0.10)0.0111957−0.09 (−0.21 to 0.02)0.005