Table 3 Trials of different standard or population targeted self help materials for quitline callers
Study/countryPopulation (follow-up rate)Intervention(s)ControlCriteria for cessation
Cummings et al, 198819 United States1534* callers to hotline in New YorkOne of 4 booklets varied by format and instructionsControl booklet, no specific quitting adviceQuit at 6 months (sustained for 5 months)
Davis et al, 199220 United States630* women with young children calling Cancer Information Service(1) “Quitting Times” tailored for target population.(2) “Freedom from Smoking for You and Your Family”Clearing the Air (National Cancer Institute Guide)Quit at 6 months (for at least 1 week)
Smith et al, 200413 Canada632 callers to a Canadian quitline (73% print only, 62% call-backs at 12 months)Intensive self help—44 page booklet “One Step at a Time” versions for men and women (factorial design with call-back conditions)Minimal self help single page pamphletQuit at 12 months (sustained)
  • *Excludes randomised participants lost to follow-up.