Table 1

 Description of Asian Herbal-Tobacco Cigarette Brands and Health Claims

Brand (translation)Herb*CountryYear ProducedHealth Claim
* Herb and tobacco combined, unless otherwise indicated as herb only.
Anti-Asthma20,21UnknownChina1970Relieves asthma
Changle22–26 (“Long Happiness”)1% Apocynum venetumChina1982Reduces toxic substances and nicotine
Relieves bronchitis, cough, and asthma
Green Oriental2718 herbsChina2004Raises immunity
Protects kidney
Reduces phlegm production
“Guocao”28 (Name of company)Herb only: Mugwort (Artemisia vulgans) and other herbsChina2003Cigarette substitute
Relieves asthma and phlegm
Increase immunity
Fever relief and sedation
Protect liver and gallbladder
Reduce blood pressure
Hsiang Yang Ginseng29GinsengChina1986Unknown
JinJian30 (export name of Changle)1% Apocynum venetumChina1982Reduces toxic substances and nicotine
Relieves bronchitis, cough, and asthma
JiangShan31 (“River & Mountain”)herbaceous peony, thorowax, curculigo rhizome, longspur epimediumChina2000Reduces tar level
JinSheng32 (“Golden Saint”)Herbal mixtureChina1996Reduce free radicals and harmful substances
Protects kidneys
KangXi33 (Name of Emperor)Tropaeolum peregrinumChina2000Reduces harmful substances
Protects lung and liver
Relieves cough, phlegm, and inflammation
Puleye34Puleye herbal extractChina2001Reduces carcinogens, mutagenicity and acute toxicity
QunYingHui35 (“Elite”)18 herbsChina2004Reduces harmful substance
Wuyeshen36 (“Five-leaf Magic”)“Shennong extracting liquid”China2000Reduces carcinogenic substances (including nitrous ammonia and nicotine)
Readjusts immune system
Reduces oxidative and mutagenic injury
Reduces cough, sore throat
YangJinHua 20,21 (Name of herb Flos daturae)50% Flos daturaeChina1959Relieves asthma
YiXing37 (“Changing Stars”)40 herbs only: radix ginseng, fos caryophylli, herba menthae, and radix polygalaeChina1997Cigarette substitute
Relieves fatigue, cough, and sputum production
Zhenxi32 (“Precious Selenium”)Selenium-rich tobacco leafChina1996Reduces levels of tar, benzo(a)pyren, and free radicals
Zhongnanhai 25,38 (Name of place where emperor lives)Apocynum venetumChina1982Treats tracheitis and pulmonary heart disease, phlegm, and cough
Reduces side effects from tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide
Blue39Herb only: Artemisia absinthiumKorea2002Cigarette substitute
Increases blood circulation
“Purification effect” with simultaneous cigarette use
Figo Super Lights40LoessKorea2002Reduces harmful components like nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide.
GT39Green teaKorea2003Removes harmful components like carcinogens
NosmoQ41,42 (“Herb that stops smoking”)Herb only: Eucommia ulmoldesKorea1996Smoking cessation
Sante Luxury4350 substances including ginseng and honeyKorea2003Unknown
V43Lao herbsKorea2004Reduced lung and throat irritation
SINOX 1004410 herbs including Eriobotrya japonica and Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae.Taiwan1999Helps respiratory system
Herbal Krongthip45,46Andrographis paniculataThailand2000Relieves throat irritation
Increases saliva production