Table 1

 Physician evaluation of smoking status

Assessment of smoking statusMedical school facultyResidentsCommunity physicians
n = 44n = 24n = 95n = 60n = 97n = 127
*p<0.05 for distribution of characteristics between males and females.
Do you ask patients whether they smoke?
    Almost always22.717.429.020.318.614.3
What kinds of patients do you ask about their smoking status?
    Only smokers26.333.329.828.129.237.6
    Patients with respiratory problems84.290.568.175.485.489.6
    Patients with heart problem73.785.761.7*
    Patients with cancer47.461.936.2*57.943.843.2
    Patients with oral problems18.4*42.922.331.630.2*44.0
    Patients with diabetes23.738.123.431.624.0*36.0
    Patients with pregnant wife/children31.657.128.7*59.638.548.8
    All patients7.99.521.310.55.24.0