Table 2

 Physician advice for smoking cessation

Advice for cessationMedical school facultyResidentsCommunity physicians
n = 44n = 24n = 95n = 60n = 97n = 127
*p<0.05 for distribution of characteristics between males and females.
In the last year, how many patients have you advised to give up smoking?
    1–10 patients25.635.329.324.623.228.8
    11–20 patients2.323.515.212.315.812.0
    21–30 patients9.311.88.710.57.414.4
    >30 patients51.229.434.838.644.238.4
What kinds of patients do you usually advise not to smoke?
    No one7.
    Only smokers46.261.929.840.429.5*44.1
    Patients with respiratory problems61.571.461.766.781.181.9
    Patients with heart problem61.566.755.368.474.775.6
    Patients with cancer43.633.333.045.642.138.6
    Patients with oral problems15.423.818.124.626.337.0
    Patients with diabetes15.423.822.324.624.235.4
    Patients with pregnant wife/children28.238.128.7*57.936.8*51.2
    All patients17.99.520.
What percentage of patients who received your advice actually quit?
    % responding I do not know76.290.979.686.076.384.3
    Estimated median % of patients who quit following advice45.040.022.510.05.020.0