Table 3

 Perceived need of training for smoking intervention

Training needMedical school facultyResidentsCommunity physicians
n = 44n = 24n = 95n = 60n = 97n = 127
*p<0.05 for distribution of characteristics between males and females.
Do you feel you have sufficient training or experience to help people quit smoking?
    % Responding yes16.74.311.86.810.3*1.6
Would you be interested in receiving training in counselling skills to help people stop smoking?
    Yes, very interested27.922.734.837.353.657.6
    Somewhat interested34.945.552.250.830.933.6
    Not interested37.231.813.011.915.58.8
Would you be interested in receiving training on drugs that may help people quit smoking?
    Yes, very interested26.221.747.341.456.861.3
    Somewhat interested35.747.844.148.331.629.8
    Not interested38.130.48.610.311.68.9