Table 6

 Patient exit interview (n = 355)

Have you used any form of tobacco in the last 30 days?
    Patients reporting yes41.0
Do you think doctors should ask about your tobacco use?
    Patients reporting yes49.2
    Smoking patients reporting yes52.1
    Non-smoking patients reporting yes47.4
Did doctor ask about your tobacco use?
    Patients reporting yes10.1
    Smoking patients reporting yes9.0
    Non-smoking patients reporting yes11.0
Did the doctor advise you to not smoke?
    Smoking patients reporting yes6.4
Have you ever asked the doctor to help you quit tobacco?
    Smoking patients reporting yes4.3
Disease-specific patients being asked about smoking behaviour
    Patients with respiratory disorders (n = 44)25.0
    Patients with heart diseases (n = 34)17.6
    Patients with diabetes (n = 19)0.0
    Patients with oral problems (n = 16)6.3
    Patients with pregnant wife/children (n = 39)2.6
    Patients with other diseases (n = 203)8.4